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Cinnamon-Sugar Spiced Pumpkin “Donut Holes”

ALL THINGS YES. These are bleeping awesome. And delicious. And easy. And pumpkin-y. And autumn-y. And cinnamon-sugar-y. Ok, I think you get the point. So my darling, wonderful, incredible husband took me to David Jones (a department store downtown) this … Continue reading

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DIY: Textured Gold Dip-Dye Side Table

Yes! Another GOLD project! And this one’s made from trash. Well… what someone else thought was trash, but that I knew was TREASURE. Seeing as it’s spring here in OZ, everybody is doing their spring cleaning and that means it’s a … Continue reading

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Get Juicy: Strawberry Massacre

It’s full-on Spring here in Australia, which means it’s STRAWBERRY season and the strawberries are flowing like wine! Or, like strawberry juice. Or, in this case, like strawberry and zucchini juice. Weird, I know, but trust me it works. Now … Continue reading

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Tropical Honey Joys

So, I’d never had a “honey joy” before I moved to Australia and the first time I tried one I felt like I’d wasted the last 30 years of eating without them. Ok, that might be a bit dramatic, especially since … Continue reading

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Epic Wild Rice Salad

This is seriously epic. Almost 5 years ago, while I was still in my hometown of Washington, D.C., I had a rice salad (from Marvelous Market) that changed my life. And now I’ve recreated it… maybe even improved it. The beauty of this … Continue reading

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Get Juicy: Let The Beet Drop

Today’s juice feature is… you guessed it, beets. The lovely fuchsia veggie that is life-sustaining and just plain life-staining. Be careful with this one, it can make a real bugger of a mess. It’s worth it though.

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DIY: Gold Detail Coffee Mugs

 Anyone who knows me well knows that I love GOLD. Gold everything, everywhere. Gold statement necklaces, gold purses, wallets, SHOES. I have 4 different pairs of gold shoes. And my house is full of gold accents and details… gilded pigs, … Continue reading

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