Get Juicy: Let The Beet Drop

Let The Beet Drop Juice

Today’s juice feature is… you guessed it, beets. The lovely fuchsia veggie that is life-sustaining and just plain life-staining. Be careful with this one, it can make a real bugger of a mess. It’s worth it though.

Let The Beet Drop Ingredients


2 red bell peppers (capsicum) (seeded and stemmed)

2 beets (leaves on is fine) (bulb peeled)

4 carrots

1 nub of ginger (to taste… I only like as much as a bit the size of a Hershey’s kiss)

Just chop your veggies to fit your juicer and away you go.

Most of the time I like to juice the veggie types individually so I can collect the pulp for later, but that can be a bit time-consuming so it’s your prerogative.

In this case, I juiced everything but the ginger first (pepper, beet & carrot) and collected that pulp to use in my afternoon smoothie.

Let The Beet Drop Pulp

Beet, Carrot & Red Pepper Pulp

For more tips on how to put your juice pulp to use see Waste Not, Want Not: 101 Ways to use Juicer Pulp 

Now pick a fun glass, a fun straw, and drink up.


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One Response to Get Juicy: Let The Beet Drop

  1. gannonham says:

    I am obsessed with beets right now and can’t wait to give this recipe a shot! Here’s the latest beet recipe I tried – it was delish:


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