Get Juicy: Strawberry Massacre

10698594_10100179571514467_1362084286776925829_nIt’s full-on Spring here in Australia, which means it’s STRAWBERRY season and the strawberries are flowing like wine! Or, like strawberry juice. Or, in this case, like strawberry and zucchini juice. Weird, I know, but trust me it works.

Now I know you’re thinking “That juice looks like…bleep” but I promise it’s awesome-ly delicious and such an unexpected combination. Give it a shot. Go on, try the weird juice.

So here goes, you adventurous juicing fool you…


2 cups strawberries (leaves removed)

2 zucchini (stemmed)

2 celery stalks (the whole darn thing)

1 apple (core and stem removed)

Strawberry Massacre Ingredients

Just chop your veggies to fit your juicer and away you go.

Most of the time I like to juice the veggie types individually so I can collect the pulp for later, but that can be a bit time-consuming so it’s your prerogative.

Strawberry Massacre Zucchini Juicing Strawberry Massacre Veggie Juicing Strawberry Massacre Ombre

In this case, I juiced the zucchini first because I like to keep the pulp untainted and freeze it until I have collected enough for zucchini bread.

Next I toss in the celery and save that pulp for use in my Homemade Veggie Stock.

Third comes the apple, whose pulp I save for my Cinnamon-Spiced Homemade Apple Sauce (recipe coming soon).

Lastly the strawberry… whose pulp is pretty negligible but can be save for used in smoothies or just stirred into yogurt.

Again, I know that sounds like a lot of work and it’s totally up to you and how many minutes late for work you already are… but it’s worth it! I find it so satisfying every time I create something new with the “waste” of another recipe.

For more ideas on how to use the leftover pulp from your juices, see my post 101 Ways to use Juicer Pulp 

Now mix up that ombré delicousness and drink your veggie servings for the day 🙂

Ugly & Delicious Strawberry-Zucchini Juice

Ugly & Delicious Strawberry-Zucchini Juice


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One Response to Get Juicy: Strawberry Massacre

  1. Mom says:

    Okay, I have to get a juicer! This looks delicious.


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