DIY: Decorative Extension Cords

Decorative Extension Cords Text

So extension cords, any cords really, have long been the bane of my OCD-ish existence. They’re a necessary evil that invades most homes, always seems to be visible, never lays flat, and are all varieties of “white” as if they identify themselves by their varieties of off-whiteness. Eww. SO ugly. Until now…

Decorative Extension Cords Before

Ugly Extension Cords

Now I’m constantly looking for new places to put my extension cords where they can be seen and admired as the little individual artworks they are. There’s one that even lays across the back of my kitchen counter 24-7 (for my juicer, obviously) and is admired more than you’d expect. Naturally, I’ve even started coordinating them with the decor of each room. Remember, mild OCD over here.

Decorative Extension Cords After

This is such an easy project and so satisfying. I’ve done about 10 by now and they’ve all been created in a matter of 15 minutes each, while watching some variety of travel/cooking show. Isn’t multi-tasking the best??

In this case I used both colored masking tape and washi tape in a variety of widths, cutting them to size as I saw fit for my artistic vision. I did come across a few rolls of washi though that didn’t stick as well… but that’s because I bought them cheap off Etsy. Just stick to better brands to avoid the frustration.

The rest is really up to you. pick your colors and decide how much of the cord you want to cover and away you go. And remember, you can always take the tape off easily to change them up to fit your mood or design style.

Try gold for all your upcoming holiday extension cord needs: 

Decorative Extension Cords Gold 2  Decorative Extension Cords Gold 1Decorative Extension Cords Gold 3

Go with bright pastel combos in a bright white office: 

Decorative Extension Cords Pastel 3 Decorative Extension Cords Pastel 1 Decorative Extension Cords Pastel 2  Decorative Extension Cords Pastel 4

Try some color combos with a mid-century feel to use in an eclectic space: 

Decorative Extension Cords B-O 1 Decorative Extension Cords B-O 2

Try black and white for a masculine space or a more discreet cord:

Decorative Extension Cords B-W 2 Decorative Extension Cords B-W 1 Decorative Extension Cords B-W 4 Decorative Extension Cords B-W 3

As you can see – anything works!

Go for it on lamp cords too if you like. Do whatever, it’s just tape. Why the heck not.


Decorative Extension Cords 1

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2 Responses to DIY: Decorative Extension Cords

  1. Marissa says:

    I love you and I love this blog Laura! Would you please come to my house and design it for me, I need your help! lol


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