Washi Tape Photo Frames

Washi Frames 1

I’m never able to just watch TV. Not without feeling guilty at least.

Growing up my family didn’t have a TV until my brother and I were pre-teens, at least if we did I don’t remember it. And even then, there was a 30 minute limit on the tube for each of us. That meant we each got to pick one half hour show to watch and then we had to go do something useful, or active, or interesting, or whatever.

I probably hated it at the time but now I’m super thankful that my parents were the big bad wolf about it. I think it’s the reason I have so many hobbies and have the ability to keep myself amused with very little. Sorry my future children – you’re going to have to play outdoors.

I remember filling my time with activities like making perfume from stolen flowers off of my neighbors trees (sorry), creating kid-friendly cookbooks with my friends (think shredded carrot and apple salad… which I still eat), organizing, arranging and re-arranging my dried sap collection on my window sill, and building intricate miniature houses out of shoe boxes for the creatures I made out of pom poms.

Washi Frames 6

It’s funny how what you enjoy as a kid speaks volumes in your adult life. People know me by the perfume I wear (Chanel, if you couldn’t guess by the blog), I obviously still have a thing for cooking and creating with food, I’m a very self-aware organization freak (OCD is a strong term), and my chosen career path is interior architecture… and I’m damn good at building models, oddly enough. The only current hobby I can think of with no roots stemming from my childhood is my love of whiskey. But I’m damn good at that too.

Even in adulthood I didn’t own a TV, at least not until I got married and inherited one, along with a husband who loves to watch movies. Which I now love to do too, but still have that twinge of guilt instilled in me over “sitting and doing nothing”.

Washi Frames 11

So, inevitably, I always multi-task. I flip through design books and magazines, read cookbooks, fold laundry, wrap christmas presents, do puzzles, get crafty…

And so, these fun washi frames came to be while I was watching the ‘ole tube.

Washi Frames Before Washi Frames After 2 Washi Frames After 1

Grab yourself some cheap white photo frames and a collection of washi or scotch tape, pour yourself some wine, and pop in Sixteen Candles. It’s time to get crafty.

Washi Frames 13

These make great personalized Christmas gifts, birthday gifts, baby shower gifts and bridesmaids gifts. If you want a cheap and temporary way to decorate for Christmas use red and green and gold and you can easily change it according to the holiday season. They could make name frames for kid’s bedroom doors, and they’re perfect for a gallery wall in a nursery. Or you can decide you hate them and be plain and boring and leave them white. It’s really up to you.

For more ideas to kill time with washi tape, check out these Decorative Extension Cords!

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