Get Juicy: Cadillac Classic

Cadillac Classic Juice 2So this juice is an age-old story. The classic combination of carrot, apple, kale and lemon. Classic as a Cadillac.

It’s probably mine and my husband’s favorite juice and it’s really easy because those 4 ingredients are in my kitchen all day every day. It’s our fall back, our go to, our best friend… well that might be a bit much, but we really like it, ok?

Cadillac Classic Ingredients

Makes about 20 oz. depending on your juicer’s efficiency. 


2 Apples 

4 Carrots 

2 Kale Leaves 

1/2 Lemon 

As usual, I like to juice my fruits and veggies in batches so I can save the pulp and reuse it. I know, I know, the pulp lecture is getting old. Just get used to it.

Cadillac Classic Pulps 2

In this case I start with the apple because I like to keep that totally un-molested by vegetable pulps for when I make my cinnamon-spiced apple sauce. Stray kale bits in apple sauce does not appeal to me. Probably not to anyone.

Next up I juice my kale and carrot together and save the combined pulps for my veggie stock unless I need the pulps separate for something specific. If a little apple is leftover in this mix it doesn’t matter, especially for veggie stock.

Now squeeze in your half lemon, stir it up, and drink it up.

If you are saving the pulps, bag them up and toss them in the freezer. Or, if you’re an overachiever, get straight to work turning them into a new delicious creation. For more ideas for delicious creations from juicer pulp, see my post Waste Not, Want Not.

Cadillac Classic Pulp


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