Get Juicy: Orange You Lovely


This one is just fun because it’s full of orange stuff and orange is one of my favorite colors. It’s also damn good for you and will help your skin glow. What more reason do you need?


1 Orange Bell Pepper (capsicum)

1 Orange 

4 Carrots 

2 cups Spinach (overflowing)

Orange You Lovely Ingredients 2 Orange You Lovely Ingredients Chopped 2

For this juice I like to start with the carrots so that I can easily harvest all that bright orange carrot pulp to use in Homemade Veggie Stock or Carrot Cake or some other delicious creation.

Then I move on to the oranges, which I zest first. This is so I can save the zest in the freezer and use it for baking or for whenever I get a craving for Cranberry-Orange Honey Joys. Which is often.

Remember to remove your stems and seeds from the bell pepper and to wash the spinach.

Now just mix it all up and you’re done. Happy, healthy, and tanned from the inside.

Orange You Lovely Juice 1 Orange You Lovely Juice 2

Just be careful to check the mirror after you drink it and before you leave the house… you might have a set of orange clown lips like my husband does after he drinks it. He is very attractive, but not with orange clown lips. No one can pull off clown lips. Not even clowns.

So maybe just use a straw.


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One Response to Get Juicy: Orange You Lovely

  1. thehungrymum says:

    you can almost feel the healthiness of these juices jumping off the screen!


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