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White Chocolate Lamingtons

In my few months here I’ve quickly discovered what dishes are classicly and proudly Australian. I’m talking lamb chops and kangaroo steaks, sausage rolls, vegemite scrolls and meat pies, Tim Tams and Iced Vovos, Pavlovas and, last but not least… THE LAMINGTON! Continue reading

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Espresso Meringues

You know those days when you’re so tired you just wish you had an IV of espresso in your arm? I hear you. The problem is that doing so would probably kill you. These espresso meringues will not. And they are delicious. Continue reading

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Pine Nut & Basil Pesto

In summer I pretty much exist on salads… green, pasta, egg, potato, whatever. As long as it’s cold it’s for me, and nothing crosses the salad borders quite as well as pesto. Continue reading

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