Profile PicHi! Welcome to my awesome-and-sometimes-ridiculous blog!

I’m a Washington, DC native of almost 30 years who just chased true love all the way to Perth, Australia! How cheesy am I??

I’ve gone from having 3 jobs and working on my Master’s degree to having more free time then I know what to do with. So this blog was born.

For now, I spend my days exploring this beautiful country… Holy sh*t that’s the Indian Ocean right there! I love the smell of bush fire in the morning. Is that a shark?? 

And trying to figure out the culture here… Haven’t you ever heard of a tailgate?? Did that bird just hit me in the head on purpose? Why aren’t there any stools at the bar? What do you mean Halloween isn’t a thing??

I’ve been tasting new foods… good and bad.  Wtf do I do with vegemite? How have I never had a honey joy?  Why is there chicken teriyaki in my sushi roll?? Mmm… meat pies. Pass the Tim Tams please. My dog eats kanagroo.

I’m constantly hunting for my American classics… Why is this sliced cheese not yellow?? Can I please get a proper pickle? Where is the hot sauce section?? Doesn’t ANYONE sell canned pumpkin?!?! What do you mean there’s only one brand of peanut butter?

But I’m doing my best to understand the ingredients here too… What the hell do you call corn starch?? Seriously, Rice Bubbles? I need a zucchini… what’s a courgette? Where’s the canteloupe… err, I mean, rockmelon? Why is there no chicken broth!?! Please tell me plain marshmallows exist. 

So here you’ll find a collection of my epicurean creations and adventures, along with some ramblings about my new world-as-I-know-it. It could get interesting… stick around.



One Response to About

  1. Katie Pearce says:

    Hi Laura! Just getting to checking out your blog. Love it! 🙂


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