Washi Tape Photo Frames

Washi Frames 1

I’m never able to just watch TV. Not without feeling guilty at least.

Growing up my family didn’t have a TV until my brother and I were pre-teens, at least if we did I don’t remember it. And even then, there was a 30 minute limit on the tube for each of us. That meant we each got to pick one half hour show to watch and then we had to go do something useful, or active, or interesting, or whatever.

I probably hated it at the time but now I’m super thankful that my parents were the big bad wolf about it. I think it’s the reason I have so many hobbies and have the ability to keep myself amused with very little. Sorry my future children – you’re going to have to play outdoors.

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Cranberry Pancakes with Orange Whipped Cream

Leftover Cranbery Sauce Pancakes with Orange Whipped Cream | www.whiskeyandchanel.com

For some reason my family has never been good at having leftovers after Thanksgiving. And by that I mean there’s really not much left over. Either we plan too conservatively or we eat too much. It’s probably somewhere in between since my mom is an awesome party strategist but we also have a family member who eats for three. And no, he’s not pregnant with twins, nor has he ever been.

But there always seems to be leftover cranberry sauce, without fail. Maybe everyone at the table has a complex about finishing it off or maybe it’s because you only really need a dab of it, but it always gets made in a similar quantity to the mashed potatoes.

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Pumpkin Bread Pudding with Cranberries and Pecans

My love affair with bread pudding has a start date. I remember it clearly. It was New Year's Eve 2010. That's when Bayou on Penn first opened it's doors in Washington, D.C. and I first tried Chef Rusty's amazing bread pudding. It's warm, soft, custard-y center... it's crusty top freckled with soaked raisins, its bourbon caramel sauce dripping down the sides of the dish. Yea, I was hooked.

My love affair with bread pudding has a start date. I remember it clearly. It was New Year’s Eve 2010. That’s when Bayou on Penn first opened it’s doors in Washington, D.C. and I first tried Chef Rusty’s amazing bread pudding. It’s warm, soft, custard-y center… it’s crusty top freckled with soaked raisins, its bourbon caramel sauce dripping down the sides of the dish. Yea, I was hooked.

Ok, so I actually tried it in the week leading up to the grand opening (lucky me) because it just so happens I was employed there. But, regardless of my potentially biased opinion, I still say it is the BEST bread pudding to ever grace this green earth. Not to mention I now have almost 4 years of customer feedback validating my opinion. I just love when people agree with me, don’t you?

Thanksgiving Pumpkin Bread Pudding with Cranberries and Pecans Recipe | www.whiskeyandchanel.com

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Dark Chocolate & Peanut Butter Oat Clusters

Dark Chocolate Oat Clusters

Every day is a battle for me between what I want to eat and what I should eat. Actually, make that every minute. I know you feel me. This is especially true with sweets. I’ve got a pretty serious set of sweet teeth and an equally serious determination to never go up a pant size. Ha. Wish me luck with that.

But these little gems are a step in the right direction because you think you’re eating a luscious chocolate treat, but really you’re eating breakfast. Or a healthy snack. Or a post-workout protein bar. Or dessert. Basically they’re an all day food. And they’re innocent of all junk-food charges.

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Potsticker Soup

Potsticker Soup 5

For some reason, even though it’s creeping into full-on summer here, I’ve been craving soup. Hearty Soup, spicy soup, brothy soup… the whole lot. Is it because it’s easy to make? After barely 6 months of marriage am I really giving up on 3-course dinners already? Ha, ok… those rarely ever happened to begin with.

So is it because it’s easy to eat? Lot’s of flavour and no fuss? Maybe it’s because soup is a great was to feed lots of people… but there’s only two of us. Three including the dog, but he will only eat the meat bits and he doesn’t truly appreciate it.

Really though, I think it’s my internal seasonal clock. The DC girl in me thinks it’s bitter cold outside and is instinctively trying feast on hibernation-appropriate stews by only the light of a fire as total darkness sets upon me at 5:30pm.

It’s like for those few months of the year I mentally revert to being in the English countryside in the 16th century where food is simply sustenance, a product of whatever the fall harvest brought. The purpose of which is to stay alive through the battle against winter… or in my case, to survive the chaos that is known as the threat of 2 inches of snowfall in the DMV. Hurry! Bottled water is almost sold out country-wide!!!

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Get Juicy: Oh Kale Yea

Oh Kale Yea Juice 3Why am I so obsessed with kale?

Because it’s my favorite food in the whole wide world and it’s the most amazing green leafy vegetable for you. It’s also one of the most flexible foods I’ve ever come across. I mean, you can do ANYTHING with it. And it’s unbelievably cheap! It’s like 20 cents a portion for the most healthy item in the grocery store. Strange.

It can be raw, roasted, baked, boiled, steamed, pureéd, juiced, etc. Need I go on? And it’s flavor somehow goes with anything. Even pineapple. Yup. Here it is juiced up with pineapple. Proof.

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Juicer Pulp Zucchini, Carrot & Banana Muffins

Juicer Pulp Zucchini, Carrot & Banana Muffins | www.whiskeyandchanel.com

Looking for another way to use your juicer pulp? Or just an awesome-ly delicious healthy breakfast muffin? Or something to bake your post-workout protein powder in? Look no further.

These amazing moist little muffins are packed with the “waste” from your morning juice and combined with natural and healthy ingredients to create a delicious filling treat. No sugar added! They can even be easily made gluten-free or vegan!

And seriously, healthy nonsense aside, these are delicious.

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